Today, We're Not Asking. We're Thanking.

Thank you for changing hearts and lives. Because of your generous donations, Pathways can offer amazing services like pregnancy testing and ultrasound at no cost. We provide free options consultations to show her she has more than one choice for her unplanned pregnancy. And if she’s already experienced the heartache of abortion, we’re here with support, love, and healing. None of it could be done without you. Thank you.

Why Donate

No matter how small your donation may seem, it is making an impact on the life of a desperate woman and her unborn child. The resources we offer hope and give mothers and families the willingness to take one more step forward.

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How to Donate

There are many ways to give. Regular monthly donations are one of the best. It allows for an established budget to keep our doors open. Your one-time gifts, participation in fundraisers, and support of our material donations make a big difference too.

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Donation Uses

As we've said, your financial gifts provide free pregnancy testing, ultrasound, options consultations, post-abortion healing classes, a men's outreach, material gifts to new mothers, and so much more. Every penny is used to encourage, bless, and teach women in need.

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Your Support Reflects Your Passion

Let’s face it, there are many wonderful causes to support these days. But we know you’re passionate about saving the unborn. You recognize the battle we’re in and know that without your help, we could not keep up the fight. We’re on the verge of victory. Partner with us, and together we’ll see hearts and minds transformed.

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